Friday, November 07, 2003

Hello, everyone! I know this is like the latest entry since ....... A long time ago... Well I just wanted to send this blogg especially to Mr. C=Mr. Constantine, my technology teacher....... I just realized that I never apologized for the way I acted in the classroom when Brandon and I got into it.... I just wanted to say that I am sorry and I still think about you when I am putting all of my technology to good use... I am almost a semi hacker.... * Just kidding for all of the law officials viewing this blogg...*I miss you Mr. C , take care of yourself....

Thursday, August 07, 2003

My Experience with the D.C. Council

Did you know that an oath is subscribed to every Council Member on January 2, of every other year? Were you aware that an at-large, elected member should act as Chairman Pro Tempore when the officer is unable to do so? Did you have the slightest idea that all members of the Council are evenly appointed tasks? The distribution of tasks and the other listings of information helped me to become more acquainted with the importance of my experience.

Every other year, each odd numbered year, on January 2, any Council Member, in which their term begins, has to subscribe an oath. This oath is subscribed in order to support the Constitution of the United States of America. Every Council meeting, where an oath subscription takes place, everything stated and acted on must be documented and recorded so that the law will understand the Council Member is in agreement with all rules of the oath.

The Chairman Pro Tempore is the person that takes place of the Chairman when he or she is unable, for any reason, to act as Chairman. The same characteristics of this process remain the same whether the Chairman request termination of his or her term or not. The Chairman Pro Tempore is to meet all criteria the Chairman would have to meet. Te main criteria of becoming Chairman Pro Tempore is somewhat always similar to the intertwine of respect and responsibility. The position of the Chairman Pro Tempore election is to be taken seriously as the election for chairman, after all the Chairman Pro Tempore does take place of the Chairman when he or she is unable to act.

My Experience with the D.C. Council

The distribution of responsibility is very important. It determine who does what, when, where, and how they do it. All Council Member duties are evenly appointed. Council Members should not have to take on more than the other. Quite the contrary of what was previously stated, but seniority must be strongly considered during the distribution of duties.
My experience at the D.C. City Council enabled me to enhance my knowledge of politics and legislation. I learned more and more about the creation and offspring of Council operations. While taking in the knowledge of the Oath of Office, the Chairman Pro Tempore election and the distribution of the responsibilities of all of the Council members. I learned that there are many key points to operating the office building of the D.C. City Council.

I worked in the Chairman’s office and I experienced more first hand Council events. I attended a public hearing, I prepared folders for the hearing and I filed papers pertaining to and succeeding the hearing. I enjoyed my experience and I am greatly appreciative of this great intake of learning.

The period in which I have participated in the summer passport to work program, I once wished that I did not have to participate in this program. I experienced some of the most uncomfortable things this summer and all that I can say is tat the facts, history, and mere existence of the D. C. City Council is what made this experience O.K. for me. The people in my office were all right people and I admire their efforts. One of my friends in another office said that the office did not even know that he had arrived to their office until three weeks later. I guess I can say that I had a very fortunate experience this summer.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Hello! I am here again tday to blog........... The topic of today's blog is to list some of my favorite links in an entry, a blog entry

My Jelly Bean

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Hello............ If anyone is reading this. I would like if you would be so kind to inform me of any legislation pertaining to the new Anesthesioloy Assistants that do not attend school as long as registered anesthetic assistants would. ..........

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hello! Today my blog will be about" What I like!" I like that I alive think that I like the story" A Perfet Day for Bananafish", by J.D.Salinger. In a way, I do not understand the story, however, there are certain aspects of the sory that I do understand. I understand that he, the boy, had feelings for Sharon Lipschutz and he at least pretended to have a few feelngs for Sybil, considering he used a great deal of endearment. I do not know, I never really pondered all of the things that I like because I like so man things and people. I am what you wold like to call a very alternative person because in like almost everything............

Friday, July 11, 2003

Well I am getting ready to leave computer class and my day was o.k., but it could have been better... God bless all!

Hi! I am just going to be typig a few sentences that will give my entries a little more to add to the rest. I guess I will write about my day. My day was sort of o.k. with the exception of a few misunderstandings. I hope that they are all cleared out of the air and hopefully this one particular person will be a little bit more smart when they say something from their mouth concerning me.

To all a good day and a bad day to all of those who can not mind their own business!

Today at the Cathedral , coming from my art class, I was having fun and someone approached me and sai That I should have more respect for myself. put it this way, she have her fun her way and I will have my fun my way. She just acts like she is so above the law or something and I do not like people who act that way. Sometimes I wish that everyone who has something bad to say about someone else should be punished on the spot. Have your own opinios and feel your very own way, but do not put my name or action in any dealings with it. I don't kwo some people have a very bad habit of judging others and I think that noone has the power to judge anyone so why say anything. It really bothers me when there are a lot of pesimistic people around me. I can not function and the frustration is building deep within me. Somebody help........ Please help! I do not think I can take it any longer.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Hello! It is me and I am here because I really need to vent. I am just experiencing some family issues. I am the product of a broken home, as a matter of fact, I am the product of a home that was never even created or put together. I do not know, sometimes it hurts my feelings when I am constantly hollered at one second and then I am told what to do and all puhed around. I do not know why my parent always have to present me with a "I am the boss all the time, and I will not take anything you say into consideration" type attitude. I wish that I could be a millionaire. Not just to have money to splur, but, to have money so that I can be independent. I want to be emotionally stable, as wel as phisiclly, but I do not want to have to suffer as If I am the most discraceful thing that has ever happened to my family. It really irritates me that I can be upset by someone in this house and then they turn around and are all like" Oh, my god! What is wrong with you? and Are you going to be o.k.?" Why is it that people respongd when it is insignificant? I am not a scientist, but I know enough that I should treat my child how I would like to be treated, I will allow my childto have the equal opportunities that I allow for myself and give to others, I will not try to intimidate them............. HHHHHHHMMMMMM! Intimidate meaning that they will feel that they are on the same level as me and I will not degrate them. Some people are so hypocritical and I can not stand to be around those kind of people. Like I said earlier, maybe this is just my perspective! Well, all that I ca do right now is hope that my situation gets better soon, very soon...
Hello, I am going to descrie some of my friends today..........
Tameka: She is cool and very intellegent and I belive that she is going to excel in this world. She is one of my squad-up buddies.

My Perspective

Andrena: She is a very cool friend also amd I admire her for her abilities to ignore igorance. She does not trip when people have their negetive things to say and she does not get upset when they say them behind her back.

Brittany: She is cool. She is also another one of my squad-up buddies, as well as Andrena. She is really smart and I admire her a lot also.

Thao Anh: She is really cool and I think that this girl is kin to Newton or something because she is "Brilliant" and I think that she is going to go far in life I mean like far, for real. Lke to another planet. Who knows, maybe she will create another planet for this earths population to go to when it deteriates.

Juliet: "Cool", this word totaly describes Juliet whole perspective of life. She is not so uptight and I believe that this is a good way to go about things because when you relax more people around will remain calm. " Here a toast to Juliet" The most COOL, CALM, AND COLLECTIVE girl I know.

Ayda: She is very quiet. That is sometimes a good thing. Even though she does not say much on a regular basis, but when she says stuff it makes a major impact on everything. I hope she becomes a lawyer and if she does," I wish you the best of luck!".

Kevin: He is cool and most of all he is funny, however he can be a prick when things do not go his way. That really bothers me because , he constantly fuss about not carig about anything, but he catches his little attitudes when s*** does not go his way. I don't know, maybe that is just my perspective. Despite all of his evil ways, I wish him the best of luck in any career he chooses to pursue.

SHanelle: She is just, Shanelle. I mean, I do ot know because she nver really associates with me. As far as I can say, she is smart and that to me is enough to be successful.

Terrence: He is a very bold person who likes to argue a whole lot and besides his arguiing I think he is a great person.

Alicia; She is a cool person. Well, at least she was a nice person. No, she did not die or anything, I just heard that she will not be joining us in the program anymore. It was nice knowing her and she can still do great things with her life without the Cathedral Scholars Program.

"BRANDON FOSTER": Let me tell you about him, he is (sometimes) arrogant, idiotic, boisterous, loquacious, and he is always looking for trouble. I don't know though. He has this such big mind and he is very bright, but I do not know why he allows his behavior to get in the way.

This is My Perspective

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